Branded Bags

Branded Bags

When it comes to promotional products, branded bags are arguably king. They offer enormous versatility. All while at the same time providing ample space for organisations to showcase their brand logos and colours for all to see. If you’re planning a promotion, then quality branded bags may be just the solution you need.

A Popular Branding Strategy

There’s a reason practically every retailer in the world brands its bags: the strategy works. Offering increased awareness and helping to get customers moving down the sales funnel towards conversion. We’re not saying that will guarantee a sale. But they will increase the public’s exposure to your brand enormously and help them become more familiar with what you do.

Types Of Branded Bags

They come in a variety of formats, making them ideal for a wide range of niches.


Branded backpacks are great for firms that want to target the educational or outdoor adventure communities. People use backpacks day after day in schools, colleges and universities. They provide an excellent platform for any firm wanting to target the young person market. Similarly, rucksacks are almost always an accompaniment on outdoor expeditions, making them perfect for outdoor gear manufacturers and retailers.

Sports Bags

Branded sports bags are perfect for firms that want to highlight their sporting credentials and building brand with active people. Health food companies, gyms, personal trainers, nutritional supplement manufacturers and makers of sports equipment can all benefit from them.

Business Bags

Branded business bags have a professional appearance and are designed to carry files, folders and personal notebook computers. Practically any office-based business can use them to show off its brand, including professional services companies.

Shopping Tote Bags

Branded shopping totes are ideal for retail firms that want to offer people bags that will survive multiple shopping trips. Totes are perfect for grabbing brand exposure among your target audience, especially those who love to shop.

Get Your Promotional Bags Today

Discover why benefits are on offer for you.

  • Target your specific audience. By choosing the ideal form factor for your promotional bag, you can target a particular audience and maximise the impact of your branding.
  • Give customers something inherently practical. People will never stop needing them. Yours could be just what your customers need to improve their quality of life.
  • Lightweight and budget-oriented. Not only are branded bags lightweight, but they’re also extremely economical. You can offer customers and colleagues tremendous value while at the same time keeping your expenses low.
  • Long-lasting. At Branded Merch, we make all of our promotional bags to a high standard. Ensuring that they stand the test of time and continue working for you in the hands of customers for years to come.
  • State-of-the-art customisation. Get yours customised to reflect your brand logo and colours faithfully.

At Branded Merch, we offer bags for practically every need. Whether you want to promote your event at a trade show or provide customers with stylish holdalls, they can carry down the high street.