Branded Drawstring Bags

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Branded Drawstring Bags

Branded drawstring bags are a great way of sending a loyalty gift, by post, that won’t have high postage costs. They last for ages, look as good in plain white as they do in full colour and come in many shapes, sizes, qualities and budgets. Never underestimate how useful people find them.

Where branded drawstring bags shine.

There are two main market areas who use these bags. These are Schools and Sports and Health organisations. Every child at School or college has sports shoes or trainers. Many even use a drawstring back rather than a backpack. So, if you supply products to schools, it’s a perfect up-sell. Customise them in school colours, badged with their logo, and it’s a winner. Health and well-being businesses and sports clubs will also benefit from drawstring bags. They can be used as giveaways for signing up to classes, or joining a new gym or club. They make a great gym joining pack, holding all the useful information you give new members. Those new members are likely to use the bag when they visit the gym, helping increase awareness.

Wider use.

Until you have a drawstring bag you don’t realise how useful they are. A quick trip the local shop for a few bits. Heading out to the gym and need to take a towel and water bottle. Not enough pockets for the walk to work. All of these are where drawstring bags solve a problem. Getting your brand out there for more people to see.

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