Branded Exhibition Totes

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Branded Exhibition Totes

Branded Exhibition Totes are a choice not just for the fashion conscious, but also by young and old all around the world. The versatility of this bag is astounding. They are convenient for their large size, able to carry many items, making them ideal for shopping trips. They are also able to withstand great weight without breaking due to its durable cotton and jute materials. The natural material and re-usable nature also make these promotional products eco-friendly. A growing concern for all ethical consumers. Share your promotional message with the world by choosing one of our many ways to customise, available in our web shop.


Branded bags make fantastic marketing mediums because of their large surface area. They give your design more space and by extension, more of an impact! The versatility of these personalised bags make them high use items, allowing you to achieve even more brand awareness through your clients and customers. Start your advertising campaign now with the personalised shoppers from Branded Merch.

Quick delivery

Here at Branded Merch we are able to offer you a huge range of customisable bags and all for a low cost per unit! Take all the hassle and stress out of sourcing your branded merchandise. Order it all from the comfort of your own home or office. We are able to offer low prices, quality products and even quick lead times. If you need bags fast, please browse our express printed bags category. Where you will find printed products that can be product and delivered to you within 1 week!