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Branded Office Merchandise

Branded office merchandise puts your firm at an advantage. Not only does it allow you to plaster your logo on all of your stationery items, but office products are inherently useful to customers. People love branded pens, branded notepads, branded calendars, and branded rulers, and are highly likely to use them in public settings.

The workplace is the perfect place for you to increase the reach of your brand. Most people work six to eight hours per day. Thus providing you with ample time to create an impression. Searing your branding on the psyche of your target audience.

The great thing about physical advertising, such as branded office merchandise, is that people have not trained themselves to ignore it. While people automatically skip online marketing messages without even thinking, they do not do the same for physical products, making them a great device to use for effective advertising.

Branded Office Merchandise: Is It Time You Started Using It?

Having great branded merchandise helps your firm in many ways.

Increase Professionalism

Companies that use branded stationery appear more professional to customers than those that do not. You never know: your branded office merchandise could be the difference between landing a big client and not. Branded merchandise increases the confidence that people are willing to place in you and your firm.

Invoke Brand Loyalty

Branded office merchandise helps to generate brand loyalty by increasing exposure. People feel more loyal to companies whose branding they have seen more often.

The act of giving a customer a branded office product also boosts loyalty. Research shows that people are much more likely to want to start a conversation with you if you offer them a branded product during a sales pitch and many will even feel indebted, encouraging them to come back and buy your products or services.

Show Commitment To Existing Customers

Branded office merchandise also helps you to show commitment to your existing customers, boosting retention. By gifting products from Branded Merchandising, you can massively increase your customer appeal and help them to believe that you’re looking after them, encouraging them to return to you and spend more on your services.

Limitless Appeal

The demand for practical office merchandise is practically limitless. With our branded products, you can massively increase your advertising reach.

Our Branded Office Merchandise


Branded rulers are the perfect addition to any branded pencil case, providing a large flat surface on which to write a message or display your brand artwork. Branded rulers are also ideal for commemorating certain events, such as a product launch or company anniversary.


With a branded notepad, you can impress customers with your professionalism as well as provide them with something that offers them high utility.


Branded calendars are a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience every day.

Mouse Mats

People use their mouse mats every day. And not only that, mouse mats provide a large surface area on which to display your brand in full-colour. Branded mouse mats are great gifts for technical businesses who want to target PC-enthusiasts as well as offices that still use desktop computers.


Customers use pens and pencils every day, reminding them of your brand.