Branded Office Essentials

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Branded Office Essentials

Branded office essentials covers an array of products. We mention some of them more independently across our site. Products such as branded pencils, branded notepads, and branded sticky notes. However, there are always more things that we need in the office that perhaps you didn’t know could be branded.

If you don’t have these products you’re missing out.

Apart from the obvious office essentials you may wonder what else you could use. We offer options for branding office essentials such as:

Desk Buddy

Branded desk buddies are a useful little pack. Most commonly they combine useful office products into one smaller product. You will typically find a desk buddy has a writing pad or notepad, sticky notes, and a pen. These are an underrated product and means that you can offer something a little more unique.

Phone Stand

Nowadays more and more businesses are shying away from the standard desk phone in favour of company smartphones. More consumers have a smartphone than have a landline. These handy little stands make a great addition to any desk, at work or home. Branded phone stands mean someone sees you every time they reach for their mobile.

Screen Cleaner

We are all culpable of allowing our screens to get a little dusty and dirty. A branded screen cleaner is a superb choice for giveaways. They are small and therefore mobile. They don’t take up much space on the desk and are one of the products people show off.

Document Wallets

Many businesses have “new starter packs” for recruits. At events and exhibitions you’ll often see stands handing out information packs. Rather than just handing out multiple pieces of paper you can keep these tidy and looking more professional with branded document wallets.

Have a look at our range of branded office essentials.