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Promoting in your customer’s home

Do you want to catch your customers’ attention both during standard office hours, as well as their home & living hours? Try our branded home & living products. With a smart promotion you take advantage of your customers’ needs in a subtle fashion. Printing your logo on practical and functional gifts is an example of this. Subtly draw attention to your name during relaxing private moments. Is your customer organising a dinner with friends? Then your name or logo can be seen on a printed wine stand or an amuse set.

Move your customer with a personal gift

In the category of Branded Home & Living, you will find a varied collection of attractive gifts. You can give your promotion a personal touch with these gifts, whether with useful kitchenware or a nice photo accessory. With the items in this category you will be stepping into your customers’ home and embed your name in a pleasant way in their comfortable living environment. You can find personal gifts for adventurous customers in the category Leisure & Outdoor.