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Branded Writing Products

Does your business need branded writing products to impress clients and create a professional impression? Branded Merch have a whole host of branded pen collections to offer, so your company name will soon be displayed on desks and in top pockets all over!

Pens Are the Perfect Promotional Tools

Let’s be honest, the most frequently used item in and around the workplace is a pen. It’s time to get savvy with your brand awareness campaigns and use this daily household item to your advantage. From banner pens to budget pencils you could have hundreds of branded writing products to hand out at events or use around the office. Make a statement with a branded handy shaped highlighter or choose something unique like a banner torch pen. Your business is bound to benefit from our perfect promotional tools in the form of pens and pencils!

Make Your Mark with Brilliantly Branded Writing Products

Here at Branded Merch we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a whole range of branded pens to suit your individual needs. Whether you are looking for branded equipment to professionalise your business or unite your local sports team, we will certainly have the branded pens for you.

Showcase Your Business Proudly With Branded Pens

You can use all of our branded merchandise for promotional purposes to really give your brand a stand out look. With a whole range of unique and innovative products we want you to stand out from the crowd. Why settle for generic pens that don’t promote your company? You could take your business one step further with branded products from our vast collection.

Buy Your Branded Pens with Free UK Mainland Delivery

When you buy branded pens from us in bulk you can benefit from free UK mainland delivery. With our reliable service you can be sure that you receive your branded pens on time and to the highest standard. You won’t find another reputable branded merchandise company that offers such competitive prices and top class products, especially with regards to branded pens.

Questions About Our Branded Pens?

We understand that you might have a lot of questions when it comes to our wide range of branded pens. Our friendly and helpful team are always here to help our respected customers so please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on our branded pens you can call us on 0333 370 4650 or email our team of professionals at Whether you have a question about the colours, design or durability of our branded pens, we will have the answer for you right away.

Every single business utilises pens on a daily basis, so why wouldn’t you want them to display your brand logo proudly? When a client come into your workplace and needs to fill in a form, offer them a brilliantly branded pen and you will be subtly spreading the word of your business.